Montebelli Agriturismo & Country Hotel

Our family history with Montebelli Agriturismo and Country Hotel started when we decided to move away from the Italian busy city lifestyle to create a little oasis in the heart of Tuscany.

Our first effort was to restore the farm (which stretches over 104 hectares) and convert it to bio-organic production. We were among the first to take this approach, we have never looked back and are very proud of our choice. Our next focus was to convert the old farm house into a charming, eco-friendly hotel. In our mind it had to be miles away from chain hotels and far from any form of standardisation.

Our ambition was to create a place that would reflect a few simple core values: love for nature, care and respect for people.

Since then and year after year, we've seen our guests come back for the authentic Tuscan experience, the delicious food and products of our land, the beauty of the landscape with its rolling hills by the sea, and for the commitment that we all have here at Montebelli to serve our guiding values. We would be thrilled if you would come to stay with us to experience first hand what we have to offer.

The Farm

Montebelli's farm spreads over 100 hectares of gently undulating terrain. It enjoys the closeness of the sea but it is protected from its salinity by a sloping hill thus granting us the perfect setting for our grapes and olives.

The whole farm has been organic for more than 20 years, and year after year it has been populated once again by its natural fauna because of the lack of pesticides. We have two distinct vineyards, Zampinaio and Giannino both 8 hectares and both DOC Monteregio Massa Marittima. Zampinaio grows only Sangiovese whilst Giannino grows Sangiovese, Sirah and Montepulciano.

The harvesting which takes place usually in the second half of September is done manually to preserve the integrity of the grapes. The guests are invited to participate and share with us this moment of happiness.

We also have 3600 olive trees spread all over the farm. They remind us of ancient times and they are a wonderful sight. The harvest takes place in November and is done partially mechanically and partially by hand.